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Çankaya University Regulations for Exams (in Turkish)


04.12.2020 at 16:00 Through Webonline

Exam Content:

  • Lines, Half Lines and Line Segments
  • Distance, Bisectors, Symmetry, Convex Sets, Half Planes, Polygons
  • Conic Sections: Fundamental Definitons, The Parabola, Central Conics, The Ellipse, The Hyperbola, Asymptotes of an Hyperbola


06.11.2020 at 16:00 Through Webonline

Exam Content:

  • Elements of Analytic Geometry, Cartesian Coordinates in the Plane: Lines in the Plane, Review of Trigonometry
  • Polar Coordinates, Change of Coordinates: Rotation and Translation
  • Vectors in the Plane: Directed Line Segments and Vectors, Algebra of Vectors
  • Scalar Product, Angle Between Two Vectors, Projection