Semester: Fall 2020 – 2021


Erkan Murat TÜRKAN

Course schedule:

Tuesday 09:20-11:10 (Webonline Zoom)

Thursday 11:20-12:10 (Webonline Zoom)

Course description:

Cartesian Coordinates in the Plane, Review of Trigonometry, Polar Coordinates, Change of Coordinates, Vectors in the Plane, Cartesian Coordinates in 3-Space, Surfaces, Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates, Conic Sections, Vectors in 3-Space


  • Analytic Geometry, H.Ä°.Karakaş, METU, 2011
  • Modern Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Richard A. Silverman,Dover Publications, 2012

Evaluation Criteria:

To be announced

Midterm 1: 06.11.2020 Friday at 16:00

Midterm 2:  04.12.2020 Friday at 16:00

Final Exam: 20.01.2021 Wednesday at 10:00


Warning :  Students are responsible for checking this web page regularly for announcements and homework assignments.